Acetylene (C2H2) is flammable, colorless gas that is lighter than air and does not accumulate at low levels, which could cause potential hazard. It provides high levels of productivity is the hottest and most efficient of all fuel gases. Acetylene requires the least amount of oxygen to ensure complete combustion.

A low flame moisture content makes this fuel gas a good choice for many critical heating processes. Typical applications include flame heating, flame gouging, welding, flame hardening, flame cleaning, flame straightening, thermal spraying, spot-heating, brazing, texturing, profile-cutting, branding wooden pallets, wood-ageing and carbon coating.


Acetylene Applications:

1. The most common uses of Acetylene is to weld steel.

2. Used in certain production of certain plastics and chemicals.

3. Laboratory work: organic synthesis and chemical synthesis.

4. Plant cultivation: to improve the forming of new flowers.

5. Oil and chemical Industries.

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