Our Products

From our belief that every client has special need according to his application- We supply a wide range of different gases such as ; oxygen , nitrogen , carbon dioxide , acetylene, argon ,air, mixture, helium and hydrogen in the form of liquid or gas. We also supply high purity gases, mixed gases and specialty gases. The company assures that the products are high quality gases transferred to the client with high safety measurements and with suitable and competitive prices.


We have a complete system to assure the quality of our products. All of our gases are with high purity. We have the certificates and the chemical composition for all our gases. Furthermore, Our plant CO2 plant is newly imported from Europe. It is the only plant in Egypt that uses natural gases for CO2 extraction. Recovering from natural gas is the cleanest method in the world to produce CO2. Hereby, we have the best quality CO2 in Egypt. Concerning the cylinder gases, all of our cylinders are economical, charged with pressure of 150 bar or 25 kilos in case of charging CO2. All our gases are characterized with highest levels of purity that match your requirements A full range of purities - for certain applications, up to 99.99999 percent - is available


We have always been pioneers in the safety in the field of gases. We were the first company in Egypt to apply the European safety regulations. We are certain that safety is essential to protect our workers and our repetition. All our cylinders are extremely safe, they are tested periodically, transferred in special plates and equipped with caps.

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